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Body Burn: Express HIIT Workout

Looking for a quick burst of functional HIIT? Try the BBS BELIEVER Body Burn express workout, guaranteed to make you melt on the spot in under five minutes.

IMPORTANT: Engage throughout the WHOLE TRACK using good form

1) Go over the tutorial at the end of the track to ensure you're using the correct technique

2) Is the full track too much for you to handle on your first go? Start by doing just 1 minute with full power and control, and week by week work your way up to doing the FULL routine with just as much power and control!


1) Squeeze Hop: 1 2 (out) 3 4 (in) 5 6 (hop/circle) 7 8 (squeeze)

2) The Eagle: 1 2 (bounce lightly) 3 4 (squeeze into the eagle) 5 6 (bounce lightly) 7 8 (squeeze into the eagle)

3) Attack: 1 2 (circle - squeeze!) 3 4 (land/contract) 5 6 (foot back) 7 8 (foot back)

4) Plank Runs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (squeeze in/run)


  • Knees over toes

  • Engage glutes

  • Use the foot to bounce lightly/absorb impact

  • Tuck tailbone under

  • Squeeze/contract core

  • Tuck ribs under

  • Broaden shoulders - squeeze shoulder blades down and together

  • Relax the neck

  • Contract the arms all the way from the shoulders to the fingertips - FEEL that energy ripple through your upper body!

  • In the plank, keep eyes looking slightly forward (not down or at your feet) - keep hips low and draw shoulders back... you don't want to be doing granny planks!!

Have fun melting with this BODY BURN!

Yours in fitness & wellness,

Jessica Zoo Christensen

Jessica Z. Christensen - Writer & Academy Director

Jessica is an education specialist in the field of holistic training for sports and fitness, with over 12 years in the industry working as a trainer and educator. Founder of BBS Training Academy™, she is a NASM CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is passionate about functional anatomy, human evolution and optimised performance. She brings passion and care to all her students and never teaches the same class twice. You can catch her on Youtube for monthly free live workouts!

Jessica Z Christensen Author

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