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BBS Training Academy™ specialises in holistic training for the sports & fitness industry. 

Our courses and workshops specialise in teaching a diverse, holistic training approach to sports conditioning & skill development. We teach multi-sports education to help coaches, athletes and sports enthusiasts improve their skills and athletic performance using a holistic approach.

Sports and skill development is a key component in embracing lifelong wellbeing: our FUNctional Training™ approach emphasises the joy of training by creating a stimulating training environment where learning and doing come together in PLAY!

BBS Training Academy™ is the education division of MAVERICKS Life Co, a family company that specialises in Holistic Science for wellbeing and performance. Our online course syllabus is based on the © HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK, which uses natural training methods based on holistic sports physiology, evolutionary science and ESG commitments (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

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  • Integrate a holistic approach to sports, fitness and physical performance-based activities

  • Lead with structure, confidence and professionalism

  • Empower and lead through knowledge and discovery

  • Have a compassionate approach by understanding individual needs and approaches

  • Develop leadership through active lifestyle communities

  • Use an exercise physiology-based method to develop and maximise athletic development

  • Develop a baseline understanding of holistic and sports science concepts and how they integrate together

  • Understand the role and goals of each specialised area (including nutrition, psychology, wellness, kinesiology, biomechanics) to integrate a multi-faceted approach to training 

  • Implement sports science concepts into actionable coaching practices in a variety of forms (as a form of exercise class, sports or physical art form)

  • Improve technical language and communication skills 

  • Maximise participation through a fun, interactive and stimulating environment

  • Develop intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset

  • Integrate ESG thematics within the sports and fitness sector


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The BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method is not a set training protocol: it can be best described as a holistic training approach based on the Holistic Training Syllabus, delivered using an adaptable FUNctional Training approach. 

  • HOLISTIC TRAINING SYLLABUS: Mapped to education national standards  to a holistic sports science framework that is applied to sports, fitness and wellbeing, with an ESG focus. 

  • DELIVERED WITH FUNction! Translating the framework into an actionable, fun activity for coaches, athletes and participants of all levels. 


Our mission is to provide courses, workshops, and online resources focused on Holistic Training, rooted in a diverse approach to sports science.

We follow an educational mission inspire a sense of discovery, increase engagement with skill development and body awareness, with a strong commitment to diversity, athlete welfare and environmental relevance in sports and fitness. We believe that by integrating a more FUNctional Training approach in our lives, we can increase our wellbeing, joy of learning new skills, and positive interactions with our environment.

Coaches and educators are the connectors of active communities. By developing knowledge and igniting their passion in holistic training and ESG concerns in the sports industry, we can enhance our wellbeing as we spark motivation in the pursuit of skill! 


Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director

BBS Training Academy was founded by CEO of MAVERICKS Life Co. Jessica Christensen, with over 15 years specialising in holistic training education and leading our  education team to innovate the sports, fitness, and wellbeing sector. Her studies include Harvard Medical School HMX Physiology, National Academy of Sports Medicine, L4 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, Evolutionary Biology, TQUK L3 Award in Education, with continuing studies in evolutionary biology, systems innovation and sports science physiology.


Founding the company in 2008 in the UK, Jessica has over 15 years in the industry working as an educator and consultant for holistic training for sports, fitness & wellbeing, Jessica has made studying Holistic Training & Sports Science her life's work. The company runs a number of international educational projects, and as C.E.O. she drives the vision and development with an emphasis on creative media development, research and education - bringing the HOLISTIC TRAINING SYLLABUS to fruition with the collaboration of our Academy Development team. 

Jessica brings together her passion for exercise physiology and human evolution, combining her expertise to develop the framework, training, and education concepts for MAVERICKS Life Co. and BBS Training Academy. She is member of CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for Sports and Physical Activity) and USCCE Accredited Program Director (United States Centre for Coaching Excellence).

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Education Team
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