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BBS Training Academy™ is the education division of MAVERICKS Life Co, a family company that specialises in Holistic Science for lifestyle, training and performance. Holistic Science is a field of study that is rooted in examining complex systems to develop a global understanding, rather than focusing on isolated components.

BBS Training Academy specialises in Holistic Science education that places an active lifestyle and skill development at the core of how we thrive as humans.

Our courses and workshops teach wellbeing through the lens of physical activity using the BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method, our approach specialising in the adaptation of our physiology.

We consider an active lifestyle and skill development a key component in embracing lifelong wellbeing and positive engagement with our environment: our FUNctional Training™ approach emphasises the joy of training by creating a stimulating environment where learning and doing come together in PLAY!


BBS Training Method considers many principles that interact in a holistic pursuit of skill development, with our wellbeing at the forefront of our achievements.


We always consider the individual and the environment in which they train (internal & external factors). Our method tackles concepts and ideologies of interconnected sports and wellness, attempting to balance peak athletic ability while keeping enjoyment, participation, physical and mental health at the forefront of our methodology.


Our FUNctional Training approach combines expertise in Holistic Science with the coach's area of specialisation (sport, recreational activity, etc.), turning training sessions into highly effective, goal-specific, and most importantly… FUN learning experiences!

The BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method is not a set training protocol: it is best described as a training approach specialising in the adaptation of our physiology, rooted in a FUNctional Training philosophy that considers your wellbeing before seeking achievement.

  • HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK: How is the material learned functional to the learner's progress and the specifics of the activity and goals?

  • DELIVERED WITH FUN! How does functional science translate into a fun activity, encouraging and maximising participation at all levels and ages?


To provide courses, workshops and online resources that inspire a sense of discovery and increase engagement with Holistic Science.


Coaches and educators are the connectors of communities. By boosting their knowledge and igniting their passion, we can enhance our wellbeing as we spark motivation in the pursuit of skill! We believe that by integrating a more FUNctional Training approach in our lives, we can increase our wellbeing, joy of learning new skills, and positive interactions with our environment.


The vision of our academy is to teach more coaches and educators to incorporate a Holistic Science approach in their existing practice. The BBS Training Method teaches coaches and educators to set a strong foundation for developing more resilient, functional humans who love to move! Through improved body awareness, a holistic approach to training, and an open-minded philosophy, we learn to find our passion, develop our skills, connect with our peers and our environment.