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How do we stretch? Is foam rolling effective? What is the best method to increase our functional range of motion? Experience science-based flexibility and mobility through our transformative LONG & STRONG (L&S) courses. Learn effective stretching and foam rolling techniques, optimising your functional range. Based on a neuro-fascia-muscular approach to movement, our L&S courses prepare you to balance flexibility, stability, and strength, guarding against injuries and overuse.

You will learn to integrate functional flexibility into your warm up, conditioning, and cooldowns – tailored for diverse abilities and group exercises. Begin with our training sequences and foundational techniques in L&S_1 to implement this approach straight away in your existing training – or dive deeper into the physiology of functional flexibility and advanced coaching practices in L&S_2 and L&S_3. Here, we focus on myofascial tissues, biomechanics, and neurological responses to training functional flexibility for all levels, skills, and groups.


CERTIFICATE: Upon the completion of any eLearning course, all students will receive a non-endorsed certificate.

L&S_1 students may also receive an endorsed certificate based on the prerequisite of having an external qualification. Students will complete an online prerequisites form at completion of the course, which includes specifying which organisation(s) and governing body(ies) issued their qualification, providing the title and level of their qualification, and selecting the appropriate endorsement organisation.


Registration closes 2 weeks before Course Start Date.


Courses Available: 


L&S_1 | Flexibility Training Foundations (eLearning)    

Explore a safe and effective approach to flexibility training using a myofascial perspective. Learn the basic techniques and approaches to stretching and myofascial release, with skills & sports training applications.


L&S_2 | Functional Anatomy & Flexibility (eLearning)    

An immersion into functional anatomy and flexibility training methodologies. Learn a holistic science approach that bridges traditional biomechanics and exercise physiology with new research emerging in the active role of our connective tissues (fascia) in the area of musculoskeletal and neurosciences.


L&S_3 | Functional Flexibility Specialisation Certificate (Blended Learning)

Learn to put the BBS Training Method™ into action when coaching flexibility in sports and fitness. Using the LONG & STRONG Sequences, you will learn to use safe and effective stretching methods that suit your specific teaching style and skill set.

Functional Flexibility & Mobility - Coaches Courses





    L&S Technique & Training Sequences (stretching & myofascial release)

    L&S_1 Introduction to flexibility training, mobility and stretching techniques


    L&S Coaching Sequences 

    BBS_A Functional Anatomy


    L&S_2 Flexibility Training


    L&S_3 On-site traininng (3 days)


    LONG & STRONG Sequences Assessments

    Preparing and planning flexibility & mobility training


    BBS_S Safety & Prevention

BBS Sports Coaching Courses


Our vision is to empower coaches to teach body awareness, grow their active communities, and foster a wider enjoyment of sport.


Coaches and educators are the connectors of active communities. By developing knowledge and igniting coaches’ passion for sports, we can build more active communities. We believe that by integrating a more FUNctional training approach in sports, we can increase our wellbeing and performance through the joy of an active lifestyle and learning new skills. 


Through improved body awareness, a holistic approach to training, and an open-minded philosophy, we learn to fuel our passion for sports, develop our skills, and build active communities. 


BBS Training Academy helps coaches lead with confidence by teaching FUNctional coaching skills and applying innovative sports science methods. 

Our mission is to make sports science education more diverse and accessible to all coaching levels.  We aim to teach more coaches and educators how to incorporate a diverse, holistic approach to sports and training.


We follow a Quality Coaching mission that inspires a sense of discovery and increases engagement in sports, skill development, and body awareness, with a strong commitment to diversity, athlete welfare, and sustainable practices.


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