MOVE. Fitness should be FUNctional, effective, skill-specific and help your body to perform at its best

OPTIMISE. Perfect your fundamental movements and optimize your body composition to improve your performance 

POWER. Add strength, speed, and stamina to push your skills further

DRILL. Break down and drill body positions before putting your skills together

STRETCH. Develop flexibility, mobility and eccentric strength to supersize your moves and reduce injury


A holistic approach to fitness combining the love of movement and holistic sports sciences. BODY BEFORE SKILL™ Training Method is the creative vision of international fitness professional Jessica Zoo focusing on media production and education.

The method combines knowledge and techniques from a variety of fields including gymnastics, ballet, barre, pilates, callisthenics, yoga, martial arts, movement science, sports performance, cheerleading and is continually evolving to explore our real-life superpowers.

Our courses, educational material and media productions focus on training using a holistic approach to movement optimisation, flexibility, physical ability, awareness, and skill. Our Online Studio workouts are suitable for all ages and levels, from complete beginners to fitness all the way to seasoned athletes and sports or fitness coaches.

You will marvel at the differences in your body from the very first session, live or online!



Accredited sports education specialist, member of the US Centre for Coaching Excellence (USCCE). Barreworks Certified 2020. ETM L2, CPT L3 (in progress) with National Academy of Sports Medicine, USASF L1-5.
Blending a love of music, movement, exercise technique and physiology, I have spent the last 12 years researching movement, fitness, sports and applying theory into practice by creating engaging training methods we can use every day. 

After focusing on coaching fitness for the sport of cheerleading and competitive dance as the founder of CheerConditioning.Academy, we wanted to take the leap in 2020 to bring the benefits of the method to the everyday athlete. YOU.

BODY BEFORE SKILL™ is more than a method; it is an ongoing quest to explore, play, understand our bodies and maximise our experience moving in it!

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2017: 10 years after I qualified as a coach and fitness trainer, I found myself in the worst shape of my life.

Inflexible, unstable joints, poor awareness and uninspired to keep up with the crazy standards of being a fit pro.

Despite having dedicated my career to fitness and sports, collecting 6 million views on Youtube through educational material and delivering educational content to thousands of coaches worldwide, my body had stopped being functional.


How did I get there? My personal experience working in the fitness industry had been a "NO PAIN NO GAIN" approach

and instead of inspiring me, it made me fall out of love with elite performance and professional fitness. Instead, I had turned to researching and producing educational material. By this time, even though my life revolved around sport - I was spending over 80 hours a week sitting in front of a screen. 

THEN: two back-to-back, almost lethal accidents. I managed to escape two dangerous situations through quick-thinking and applying some emergency "moves"...! Both incidents could have left me seriously hurt, or worse. Instead: I escaped with barely a scratch.What saved me? Luck: possibly. Applying my learnings? Most certainly.


This was a huge wakeup call, and that's when I realised fitness was so much more than performance, lifestyle or aesthetics.

It can save you from hurt. It can save your life. But firstly, you have to learn to love it. So armed with my knowledge, my unflexible limbs and joints that moved like a bag of marbles - I decided to use my own body as a laboratory and see what else I could learn to do. 


2020: I'm more flexible, strong, fast, resilient, lean and body-aware than I've ever been. I feel re-born and in constant awe

of this incredible biological machine we inhabit, but equally how we are so unequipped to understand it.  There is joy in movement. Balance in alignment. Harmony without pain.  I'm still learning every day and I never plan to stop. 


I welcome you to join the #BodyBeforeSkill journey of exploring a holistic science approach

Yours in Fitness & Wellness,



Academy Director, BodyBeforeSkill.com 

Jessica Zoo Christensen