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MOVE. Training should be FUNctional, effective, skill-specific and help your body to perform at its best.

OPTIMISE. Perfect your fundamental movements and optimize your body to improve your performance.

POWER. Add strength, speed, and stamina to push your skills further.

DRILL. Break down and drill body positions before putting your skills together.

STRETCH. Develop flexibility, mobility and eccentric strength to supersize your moves and reduce injury.

FEEL. Become more in tune with your self, your team and your environment.


Fifteen years of applied research and development have been distilled into the BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method™ (BBS for short). A goal to research, deconstruct, bring together and implement all of the best knowledge available within the field of sports science, physical conditioning and wellbeing have led us here.


We have learned, explored, and been inspired by a varied spectrum of disciplines: neuroscience, biology, psychology, traditional and new biomechanics, physiotherapy, movement science, personal training, physiology, yoga, biokinetics, ballet, pilates, gymnastics, martial arts, cognitive development, linguistics, genetics, and evolutionary anthropology. In the last 15 years we have worked with coaches, trainers and teams from the UK, USA, Canada Switzerland, South Africa, Philippines, Costa Rica, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Korea and Germany…


It's been a real journey of "what makes a human perform, from all the corners of the world!” - but always remembering to have fun and keeping our wellbeing at the forefront! Our common language? The joy of movement, developing active, passionate communities, and interactions with our local surroundings!



The BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method™ is not a set training protocol: it can be best described as a training philosophy. Our coaching and training approach is to:


  • Integrate a holistic approach to sports, fitness, and physical performance-based activities

  • Lead with structure, confidence, and professionalism

  • Empower and lead through knowledge

  • Have a compassionate approach by understanding individual needs and approaches perspectives

  • Develop leadership through meaningful communities

  • Develop a baseline understanding of sports science concepts and how they integrate together

  • Use a kinesiology-based method to develop and maximise athletic development

  • Understand the role and goals of each specialised area of sports science (including nutrition, psychology, wellness, kinesiology, biomechanics) to integrate a multi-faceted approach to training better

  • Implement sports science concepts into actionable coaching practices in a variety of forms (as a form of exercise class, sports or physical art form)

  • Improve your technical language and communication skills with teams, customers, and colleagues

  • Maximise participation through a fun, interactive, and stimulating environment

  • Develop intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset


The vision of the BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method™ is to set a strong foundation for developing more resilient, functional humans who love to move! Through improved body awareness, a holistic approach to training, and an open-minded philosophy, we learn to find our passion, develop our skills, and connect with our peers 

The mission of BBS Training Method™ is to produce educational materials based on concepts of sports science using a holistic approach. The ACADEMY delivers multi-level courses that consider different training approaches, cultures, preferences, and levels of training commitment:   


  • FREE CONTENT & PUBLICATIONS: available to share knowledge and inspire a holistic approach to training for a maximum number of people.

  • ACADEMY LEVEL 1 Courses: online introductory courses aimed at all levels of training and education for anyone interested in DISCOVERING the topic.

  • ACADEMY LEVEL 2 Courses: online and in-person workshops and learning retreats aimed at IMMERSING into the topics with live interactions with our experts. 

  • ACADEMY LEVEL 3 Courses: certification level which validates the knowledge learned in each topic to LEAD others with the expertise obtained. 

  • BBS Elite Coach Graduate Program: for those who feel deeply connected to the BODY BEFORE SKILL™ Training Method after completing one or more L3 courses. Graduates from our 350-hour graduate/mentorship courses aim to bring the BBS Training Method to their community and training facilities.


MAVERICKS Crans-Montana (Switzerland)

Body Before Skill started as an online educational program and content creator for the sports and fitness industry. We were founded by Jessica Zoo Christensen in 2009, with our first dance and fitness course launching in the UK and USA. After taking the courses worldwide and training over 600 coaches in over 20 countries, the family business settled in the beauty of the Swiss Alps.


During 2020-2021, we developed, revamped and relaunched our academy to focus on a holistic approach to training, founding and opening MAVERICKS Active Workspace as a shared space for the Academy and the local community of Crans-Montana. Our core team of "MAVERICKS" operates from our location in Switzerland. With team members working remotely from the UK, Philippines, South Africa and the United States... we truly are an international team of innovators, creators and movers!


We specialise in the field of holistic training and coaching education for sports, fitness and performance arts. Our foundations are based on an active lifestyle and the development of an active community immersed in nature. Come and visit our Academy in Switzerland Crans-Montana, enjoy our online content or sign up for our online courses through our online BBS Training Academy.

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