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BBS Training Academy courses teach our Holistic Training sports science syllabus, based on the framework developed by MAVERICKS Life Co. Our training method teaches using a mind-body-environment holistic approach. The foundation of our course syllabus is rooted in the HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK©, by MAVERICKS Life Co. which serves as our academic framework to:


  • Develop a holistic training approach to wellbeing and performance

  • Train using a FUNctional Training practice towards sports, fitness, and skill development

  • Develop an athlete-coach-environment positive feedback loop.

  • Follow the philosophy of the BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method - that of performance being an outcome of optimal wellbeing and conditioning.

Holistic Training Syllabus Transparent.png


BBS Training Academy offers online, multidisciplinary CE/CPD courses for the sports, fitness, and wellbeing sector. Our courses follow a holistic approach to training based on our four domains of specialisation.​ Our courses and resources take into account different training approaches, cultures, preferences, and levels of learning commitment. After taking one of our courses, membership is elective and provides added value in the form of ongoing access to our license-free international network of contacts and support group of like-minded coaches and professionals interested in a holistic approach to training.


BODY BEFORE SKILL Holistic Training for Sports & Fitness

Unlock athlete-centred training through our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. Explore the science of movement and mind-body connections, guided by the BODY BEFORE SKILL™ Training Method. Elevate your training practice and redefine success.  




COMMUNICATION Skills for Leadership

Elevate coaching and leadership abilities with effective communication across diverse groups. Master the art of language for confident coaching, delve into cognitive development, and foster team building & community growth. 



LONG & STRONG Functional Flexibility & Mobility

Discover science-backed flexibility and mobility techniques through the LONG & STRONG courses. Learn to optimise your functional range, balance, flexibility, and stability, and prevent injuries across various skill levels.



LIFESTYLE & WELLBEING Courses & Workshops

For health professionals and coaches, this domain merges sports science, diversity and culture to unveil insights into aspects such as the role of nutrition in health, athletic performance, body shape, mental wellbeing, and our environment.

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BBS Training Academy™ courses teach our Holistic Training sports science syllabus, which based on the framework developed by MAVERICKS Life Co. - an interdisciplinary education framework linking life science and training, by using the underlying principle of habitat and human co-evolution. It helps us shape a new understanding of health, wellbeing, and performance.


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