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Lifestyle & Nature (LN) courses target coaches and health professionals seeking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing sciences. Backed by a framework merging evolutionary biology, sports science, diversity and culture, this course reveals insights into aspects such as the role of nutrition in health, athletic performance, body shape, mental wellbeing, and environmental impact. Rooted in whole-systems sciences, nature-based solutions and biological science for health and wellbeing, it prioritises human health and sustainable wellbeing.

Upcoming courses:


TMW NATURE-BASED LEADERSHIP COURSE: The MAVERICKS Way Leadership course is a nature-based CPD course for sports, fitness and recreation. Educators, coaches and facilitators will learn about the benefits and connections between the natural environment, the body's natural capabilities, and the value of outdoor activities as a fun, effective fitness strategy.


Using a recreational approach to fitness immersed in nature, leaders will learn to integrate outdoor activities to harness the benefits of nature-based training. FIND OUT MORE 



BODY SHAPE: Learn the basic principles of body adaptability; the influence of genetics versus habits on our body shape and wellbeing. In this course, we look at how culture, trends, habits, your body's physiology, and adaptation over time all influence the way you look and feel.


HABITAT: How does our environment shape the way we look, feel, and perform? Productivity, health, and wellness are a direct consequence of how we spend our hours. Our bodies mould to movement and our senses, and our minds react to the stimuli of our surroundings. We look at how to influence our habits and, therefore, our mind and body through lifestyle choices. Discover the importance of sensory awareness, textures, ambience, and furniture, and their effect on our wellbeing and abilities. Learn simple, easy-to-implement tips and strategies that you can apply right away.


NUTRITION AWARENESS: This course is all about nutrition AWARENESS. It will inform the proud owner of any human body on developing an open-minded, healthy relationship with food while remaining tolerant of individual beliefs, cultures, preferences, and ethics. It's about learning to question diet fads, trends, and balance polarised opinions to find choices that suit our individual wellbeing, goals and beliefs. You will learn to become more intuitive and balanced in your choices, and to approach your relationship with food with a positive mindset.

Lifestyle & Nature Courses & Workshops

  • COURSE OBJECTIVES: Learn about eating habits and how they affect your body & mind. Become familiar with digestion, hunger hormones, how we burn and store energy, and the food groups that are good for health (and good for the soul!). Develop critical thinking and awareness when approaching fad diets and sensationalist claims and make nutritious choices that suit your wellbeing, goals and beliefs. This course is not a certification: it is an awareness course that will provide you with the tools you need to navigate the nutrition jungle out there, make better choices for yourself and your loved ones, and think twice before jumping on board the latest fad diet or research.


    • 12 Hour eLearning course
    • 3-month time allocation
    • Readings & Videos
    • Activity book
    • Theory Quiz
    • Certificate of Completion

    FOR EVERYONE : This course is for any owner of a human body looking to develop an open-minded, healthy relationship with food. The course includes reading materials, videos and an activity book for personal use.

    FOR COACHES & TRAINERS : This course will help include nutrition diversity and awareness into your coaching practice. You will receive a certificate of completion; even though this is not a certification course, it will be a valuable addition to your coaching or training practice as CPD professional development.

BBS Sports Coaching Courses


Our vision is to empower coaches to teach body awareness, grow their active communities, and foster a wider enjoyment of sport.


Coaches and educators are the connectors of active communities. By developing knowledge and igniting coaches’ passion for sports, we can build more active communities. We believe that by integrating a more FUNctional training approach in sports, we can increase our wellbeing and performance through the joy of an active lifestyle and learning new skills. 


Through improved body awareness, a holistic approach to training, and an open-minded philosophy, we learn to fuel our passion for sports, develop our skills, and build active communities. 


BBS Training Academy helps coaches lead with confidence by teaching FUNctional coaching skills and applying innovative sports science methods. 

Our mission is to make sports science education more diverse and accessible to all coaching levels.  We aim to teach more coaches and educators how to incorporate a diverse, holistic approach to sports and training.


We follow a Quality Coaching mission that inspires a sense of discovery and increases engagement in sports, skill development, and body awareness, with a strong commitment to diversity, athlete welfare, and sustainable practices.


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