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Skill-Based Training in Sports & Fitness

Skill Based Sports Coaching
Skill Based Sports Coaching

Skill-Based Training: the missing part of the puzzle

In the dynamic world of sports coaching, the pursuit of excellence often hinges on the strategic development of skills. Embracing a skill-based training approach goes beyond traditional biomechanics and effort-centric methods. It taps into the inherent way our bodies are designed to learn – through doing


Let's dive into the benefits of skill-based training and how it can reshape the landscape of sports coaching.


The body's innate design

Our bodies are intricately designed for skillful development. The most effective learning takes place when we engage in a whole-systems approach to training. Skill-based training strategies recognise that a workout is more than just a physical effort; it involves cognitive and proprioceptive development. Instead of focusing purely on strength, power, or mobility, we narrow the lens to look at a sport-specific skill we want to achieve, break it into bite-sized components, and tackle these one at a time. 


Efficiency beyond biomechanics

Learning with a tangible goal in mind allows our bodies to respond more efficiently to a training stimulus, engaging a whole-system response that extends beyond muscle targeting and fat loss. Skill-based training promotes problem solving by involving all systems in skill and fitness development. This dynamic approach transcends the traditional boundaries of training, creating a more purposeful and engaging experience for athletes.

Intrinsic motivation through accomplishment

The incomparable feeling of accomplishment of mastering a skill or achieving a goal is a powerful motivator. Skill-based training taps into this intrinsic motivation, keeping participants or athletes coming back for more as they pursue the next goal and unlock new skills. This ongoing cycle becomes a driving force that fuels commitment to training.

Skill Based Training
Skill Based Training

Upgrading your training facility

Training centres, sports and fitness clubs can introduce skill-based training by incorporating progressive, varied training sessions and classes that blend skill with physical activity or fitness. Cross-disciplinary activities such as callisthenics, gymnastics, dance, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and parkour can be seamlessly integrated with body conditioning or fitness-focused elements. The key is thoughtful class planning that inspires participants to learn something new, creating a meaningful progression that goes beyond calorie burn or muscle hypertrophy.

Gym design for skill development

Gyms have the potential to revolutionise their spaces by transitioning from more static, machine-based training to areas dedicated to skill-based equipment and natural ranges of movement. This shift encourages a departure from a purely aesthetic and calorie-burning mindset, opening the door to a more people-centred, social, and sustainable training approach. Larger spaces for skill-based training can foster a sense of community and elevate the overall training experience.


BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Academy

The Body Before Skill (BBS) Training Academy stands as a beacon for coaches seeking to cultivate a resilient and capable body upon which we can then build our sports-specific skill. Through CPD and CE courses that focus on a deeper understanding of the body and a holistic conditioning approach, coaches can enhance their skills and apply them to individual disciplines, sports, or training techniques. The eLearning format of our courses ensures accessibility and our license-free courses empower coaches to infuse skill-based training into their practice immediately.


In today's sports and fitness scene, skill-based training is a game-changer, allowing coaches to break free from the current constraints of training to bring about real transformation in their athletes. Embracing this approach not only elevates athletic performance but also fosters a stronger connection between coaches and athletes. BBS Training Academy equips coaches with the skills they need to bring about a remarkable change in the quality of coaching, unlock the true potential of skills-based training, and reshape the future of sports coaching.

as featured on Health Club Management, December 2023


Jessica Christensen - CEO & Academy Director

BBS Training Academy was founded by CEO of MAVERICKS Life Co. Jessica Christensen, with over 15 years specialising in holistic training education and leading our  education team to innovate the sports, fitness, and wellbeing sector. Her studies include Harvard Medical School HMX Physiology, National Academy of Sports Medicine, L4 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, Evolutionary Biology, TQUK L3 Award in Education, with continuing studies in evolutionary biology, systems innovation and sports science physiology.

Jessica Z Christensen Author

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