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BBS Training Academy™ specialises in holistic training for the sports & fitness industry. 

Our courses and workshops specialise in teaching a diverse, holistic training approach to sports conditioning & skill development. We use a multi-sports approach to help coaches, athletes and sports enthusiasts improve their skills and athletic performance using a holistic approach.

Sports and skill development is a key component in embracing lifelong wellbeing: our FUNctional Training™ approach emphasises the joy of training by creating a stimulating training environment where learning and doing come together in PLAY!

BBS Training Academy™ is the education division of MAVERICKS Life Co, a family company that specialises in Holistic Science for wellbeing and performance. Our online course syllabus is based on the © HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK, which uses natural training methods based on holistic sports physiology, evolutionary science and ESG commitments (Environmental, Social, and Governance).